A = Associate Member   L = Life Member E = Emeritus Member  H = Honorary Member 

Bill Beha

Joe Bentley

Thomas Blank (L)

Larry Carpenter

Lisa Cosgrove (A)

Chad Cox

Christopher Cox

Curtis Cox (L)

Mike Dempsey

Alex Downey

Brian Forte (L)

Donald Gaitor

Vince Ganance (L)

Jeff Grossman

Ryan Gundermann

Scott Jill

Dave Kellerman

Rich Lenninger (E)(L)

Mike Leonard

Robert Lynch (E)(L)

Buch Marriner

Al Mason

David Messercola (L)

Bob Meyers

Chuck Meyers (A)

Joe Moore 

Tim O'Hara

Greg Overholt

Rev Stewart Pattison 

Albert Parshall (E) (L)

Roy Paul

Doug Ryan

Jim Schanz

Sean Smith

Dave Spiak (S)

Brian Sullivan (A)

Nate Webb

Justin Wemple (E)

George Wilhelm

Greg Wilhelm


Our membership includes both men and women, high school and college students and a diverse group of local

professionals. Anyone 16 years old or older may join if you live or work in the Guilderland Fire District.

The Ladies Auxiliary is also accepting new members, there is no residency requirement. Applications for either may be 

obtained by  calling the firehouse at 456-5000 or by email via our Contact page..