Class I Engine

Manufacturer:  Saulsbury Fire Apparatus

Chassis: 1992 Spartan

Powered: Detroit Diesel Series 60

Pump: 1500 GMP

Foam: 40 Gallon with integrated inductor

Deck Gun: Mounted with quick disconnect

Tank: 750 Gallon

Crew: Driver, Officer & Eight Pack Jump Seats

Hose Layout

1000ft of 5-inch supply LDH on rear bed

600 ft of 3-inch on rear bed

Two 10' sections of hard suction hose

75 ft of 5-inch supply LDH front compartment

200 ft 1.75-inch High Rise pack

25 ft 5-inch front bumper supply preconnect

100 ft of 1.75-inch front bumper preconnect

200 ft of 1.75-inch preconnect cross lay (red)

200 ft of 1.75-inch preconnect cross lay (blue)

200 ft of 2.5-inch preconnect cross lay

200 ft of 3-inch preconnect cross lay

Onboard Ladders

Attic Ladder

14 ft Roof Ladder

30 ft Extension Ladder

24 ft Extension Ladder

Portable Generator