Company Drill – Structure Fire & Rescue

Each Monday, our members attend a weekly training class. Some of our training occurs out in the community which we protect. However, many of our training sessions occur at our town training center in Guilderland Center. This facility allows our members to refine their skills by walking through real world scenarios while in a safe controlled environment.

The training session this past week involved a multi-story building which was on fire with a report of multiple victims not accounted for and believed to be still inside. Truck 29 arrived first, stretching a hand line and forcing entry to the structure in order to commence a search for victims. Engine 28 arrived right behind Truck 29 and proceeded to connect to a hydrant and supply Truck 29 with water. The crew from Engine 28 pulled an additional hand line and then made entry through another doorway to search for victims.

Truck 29’s crew found and removed the first victim through the first-floor doorway. However, the second victim was on the third floor. Crews worked quickly to pull the victim to the safety of the buildings fire escape where they could then place him in a secure stokes basket. The aerial ladder was then used to lower the victim to the ground.

Once all victims were removed the fire was quickly extinguished.