SCBA Skills Training

On the morning of Saturday March 13th, the members of the Guilderland Fire Department took part in an additional SCBA training session. During this session members rotated through several stations where they had an opportunity to receive instruction and practice their skills.

Station #1 – Here members had the opportunity to compete against each other to see who could put all of their turnout gear including their SCBA on the fastest.

Station #2 – In this station members practiced some of the essential survival skills. Here members had a chance to practice wall escapes using our wall simulator. In an emergency situation where a firefighter becomes trapped, they may need to pull down the sheetrock on the wall between two rooms and then maneuver themselves between the wall studs to reach a safer room and escape. This simulator allows our members to practice those critical skills.

Station #3 – One of the specialties that the members of the Guilderland Fire Department provide is the operation of our mobile cascade air system which is located on Squad 23. This air system is used to refill air bottles at the scene of emergencies for all fire departments in the town of Guilderland or Village of Altamont. The training at this station covered processes of filling air bottles from Squad 23 as well as through the air compressor in the station.