Ladder Operations Drill

On Monday May 3rd, 2021 our members were privileged to have the opportunity to conduct a live ladder operations drill at the Summit at Mill Hill in Guilderland. These types of drills not only allow our members to train with the actual buildings we protect but they also provide us an opportunity to interact with the residents we serve.

This week’s training consisted of several key areas including:

  • Practice apparatus placement and determine the best configuration for both firefighting and rescue operations.
  • Ability to practice water supply operations.
  • Opportunity to deploy a variety of ground ladders and practice raising and setting them up.
  • Use of our aerial ladder and practice with using it to reach various parts of the structure.

The members of the Guilderland Fire Department would like to extend a big thank you to the staff at The Summit at Mill Hill for providing us the opportunity to train at your facility.